Be an explorer.

Jump in.

Live in the moment.

I used to spend every summer at my grandparent's house when I was young; school was out and my parents both worked. I have some amazing memories exploring my grandpa's ranch, running around with my pet cow, Betsy, and playing some kind of 'Who's the fastest?' game with my cousins. Those summers established my love and curiosity with the outdoors. 

I'm pretty lucky now to live in a city where I can always find something new to try. Plus, owning a dog also helps keep me connected to the outside world.

Some of the simplest things to do outdoors are my favorite. Going to the park to play fetch with Abby is at the top of my list. Seeing her find joy outside honestly brings me joy. It's hard not to smile when she's staring at you with a giant grin hoping you'll throw her ball one more time. I can almost hear her beg, "Please throw my ball. Please throw my ball. Please throw my ball."

There are all kinds of simple adventures everywhere. All you have to do is open your front door and step outside to find them.